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Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver

"The history of entertainment, and video games in particular, is one that is comprised of generations of innovation and creativity, all focused on the question “How can we have more fun?” As we set out on a new journey with the launch of BANDAI NAMCO Studios in April of 2012, we created the following slogan to express our vision: "Innovation through Creativity"

In 2013, we founded two new studios in Vancouver and Singapore. The concept of entertainment has changed radically over the years, and will most likely continue to change as we move forward. However, one thing is certain – regardless of age, gender, social status, etc., people will continue to look for new ways to have fun, and that desire will lead to innovation and new types of entertainment.

In this world of ever-changing entertainment, BANDAI NAMCO Studios will continue to use its creativity, technology, and passion for fun to innovate in ways both big and small. And we’ll do it all to bring a smile to the faces of the people who play the content we deliver."
Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver
#210-577 Great Northern Way
Vancouver, BC
V5T 1E1