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Chunky Pig Games

"Chunky Pig is led by Nick Malaperiman, a seasoned marketing pro, with 20+ years experience launching Mobile, PC and Game Console content on a global scale.

The company's vision first evolved when Nick was nearing the end of a superb 7 years at Nokia - when a realization dawned, that very few innovative companies were getting the support they needed in an evolving digital marketplace.

Having built several marketing teams from scratch for major corporations, and launched 100s of products, the time was right to unleash a few ideas to a broader audience.

'The Pig' was born in 2011 and launched a global, mobile, TV product for UK start-up, Yummi Media. Since then, Chunky Pig has launched games and other content into the leading app stores.

Nick is supported by Christian Sponziello, of Nokia, who supports the company as a Smartphone Marketing adviser."
Chunky Pig Games
Vancouver, BC