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Lemonade GameLabs

"Founded by industry veterans with an over 50yrs combined industry experience primarily with triple-AAA platforms games and children's global MMOs. Our goal is to build great games or application experiences that encourage bringing people back 'together face-to-face'. We operate in an agile development style to allow the most flexible production process to meet our client needs.

Lemonade Labs provides over half a century of combined development experience spanning from start-up studios to the largest industry corporations with a proven record of execution and publishing content.

Lemonade Labs is an excellent cost-effective option for publishers determining viability in building great licensed games against the cost of increasing overhead, rather than potentially passing on the product. With our strong core production and management team, we provide creative solutions that incorporate our team with amazing business partners and vendors to build games to published states."
Lemonade GameLabs
108-1405 St. Paul St.
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 2A4