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Power Up Audio

"At Power Up Audio, teamwork divides the task and doubles the success, without compromising your budget. We don't assign only one sound generalist to your project; we employ a specialized and cooperative team of dedicated designers, composers, voice-over engineers, actors, and pipeline managers. By doing so, you're assured the assets you receive are of the highest quality, and produced by world-class professionals - not only experts in their respective field, but with a lifetime of video gaming to back it up.

Our team works closely with one another to create a natural affinity between mix levels, key signatures, and thematic vision. This harmonized audio package ensures that your sound effects, music, and voice-over will not only sound fantastic on their own, but even better when played together. Once we are ready to ship, we provide personalized access to our private FTP server for immediate retrieval of your audio assets. Every package we deliver is structured to minimize implementation time.

Just drop it in, and watch your project come to life."
Power Up Audio
1810 - 8033 Saba Road
Richmond, BC