Canadian Video Game Companies


" is a small company consisting of an elite team of very experienced programmers. We have successfully designed, developed and delivered critical operational software for both the government and private sectors.

Our software developers share a mutual passion for gaming software as consumers and decided to put our programming talent to the test by developing our first game product.

At GiroKa our development team, although new to the game field, have vast experience in the delivery of finish products. Our first game software will be a real time strategy (RTS) tower defense genre with a twist. To date we have design and developed a series of tools like our own automated level generator, sprite sheet packager and 2D content generator utility.

We are proud to announce after a year of dedicated work that our first game product has reach the Alpha release stage and is considered feature complete. We are currently testing the Alpha version In-house on multiple windows environment."
2246 Prince of Wales
Ottawa, ON
K2E 6Z9