Canadian Video Game Companies

Hardline Studios

"Located in Canada's beautiful capital of Ottawa, Hardline Studios began operations on January 17th, 2011 as a two man team consisting of one programmer (Fred Di Sano) and one artist (Kris Eggleston). We have wanted to make games together since high school and that time has finally come!

Our approach to game development is to take as long as we need to and to release only "when's it done". We feel that this is the only way to produce quality titles that are bug free, fun to play for all skill levels, look great and perform and scale well across all major smartphone/tablet platforms. We do not believe in shovelware so we will not be making the next Angry Fruit Ninja Bird Defense... Zombie.... Plant thing!

Our games are designed to run on all modern high end smartphone/tablets including Android, iOS, Blackberry Playbook and Bada. We want as many people as possible all over the world to have the chance to play our creations. WE LOVE what we do and want our work to reflect that!"
Hardline Studios
Ottawa, ON