Canadian Video Game Companies

Pleznt Interactive

"Pleznt Interactive was created in the summer of 2010 by a quirky couple named Mark and Helen, who were living on a quirky street named Pleasant Street in a quirky town called St. John's. Back then it was called "Pleasant Street Studios" because we had 2 studios: Helen's Painting Studio and Mark's Programming OfficeStudio. But that name was too long, and not really quirky enough. In July of 2011 we moved to London, Ontario, Canada and officially incorporated and became a real company that makes real things.

We have a broad range of interests and some pretty deep experiences, too. We've got skills in Fine Art and Pop Culture, Pure Science and Applied. We've taught and we've managed. We've done crazy code, but we've painted pretty pictures, too. We'd call ourselves "Renaissance Folks," but we're kinda humble. We're like a geeky A-team (we're only kinda humble)."
Pleznt Interactive
London, ON