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Wiggles 3D

"For the past 10 years, the team at Wiggles 3D has engaged game players with a unique array of challenging and memorable games. There's something for everyone, from word play with Lexigo to movie fun with Pass the Popcorn. When you ask, "What Will We Play Tonight?" the answer can always be a Wiggles 3D game.

Wiggles 3D was created by Don Reid. Inspired by his quotable father, Don developed our first board game, Don't Quote Me, a game about famous quotations. This game set the bar for creating entertaining, rewarding and award-winning games. Each product we add to the Wiggles 3D family broadens our selection and offers fun to people of all ages and interests.

Today, Wiggles 3D games continue to grow. In addition to board games, we appear in print, in syndication, online and via mobile applications. We remain committed to continuing to innovate both through new games created in-house and through co-branding and licensing with game developers."
Wiggles 3D
1124 Gainsborough Rd.
London, ON
N6H 5N1